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ArrowBy Janell Curl

Arrow is a TV show on CW that is based on the DC comic Green Arrow.

I personally love the cast they chose for the show. Stephen Amell fits the role of Oliver/the hood just like the person in the comic. Colton Hayes plays a perfect 19 yr old even though he’s 26.

Granted, I haven’t read all the Green Arrow comics, so I can’t be a reliable.  But from what I have read and seen of the show, it follows the comic to a tee.

The story line is what tends to hook you in a comic or show. Rich billionare Oliver Queen was shipwrecked on an island called Purgatory. He lived through hell and not being sarcastic. Then he was found and taken back home to Starling City where he follows his dead father’s wishes and cleans the city of all the evil.

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