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Cute, Cuddly, and in Danger: Red Pandas

By Mariah Killian


From living in the mountains to living in zoos all across the world Red Pandas have been impressing people for many years. They are about 42 inches long and have red and white fur to help them blend in with the mosses and lichens in their environment. Red pandas live in cooler environments and use their long bushy tails for balance and for warmth.

Red Pandas inhabit bamboo forests such as Sichuan, Yunnan, and Xizang which are in China. They also reside at foothills near the bottom of the Himalayas in Nepal, Bhutan, and in Northern Myanmar.

Their diet consist of bamboo leaves, fresh shoots, berries, blossoms, bird eggs, and various small leaved plants. Red pandas tend to stay with their mother until mating season comes around. After reaching adulthood, though, most Red Pandas lead a very solitary life style.

With how cute and cuddly Red Pandas may seem, they are in danger. This is due to habitat loss because of human and natural causes. There are now fewer than 10,000 adult Red Pandas today.

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