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Cuttlefish: Wizards of the Sea

By Mariah Killian

What could possibly be better than Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak: a cuttlefish. These little creatures are cousins to the octopus and squid. Cuttlefish are masters of disguise and persuasion.

Having the ability to change their shape, texture and color of their skin, these creatures are masters of the camouflage art. Cuttlefish have layers of color palettes beneath their skin. Muscles in the cuttlefish’s body pull and relax to expand the colors. This gives them the ability to change their skin color.

With a similar system, cuttlefish can change the texture and shape of their skin. Having no bones, these fish can stretch their skin to make different shapes, bumps, ridges, and ruffles to change their appearance. With both the ability to change shape and color, the cuttlefish is truly a master of disappearing.

When all else fails and cuttlefish can’t get their prey, they put on a show. Cuttlefish can only do so much; being invisible sometimes it is not enough to catch a snack. Spreading their bodies, the cuttlefish put on a light show. Waves of light will surge through their bodies that hypnotize their prey, persuading them to be still so the creature can go in for the kill.

A cuttlefish is better than Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. Why? Because the cuttlefish doesn’t just disappear in plain sight, but it can persuade its prey into staying still.         

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