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Mockingjay Actors/Actress Review

By Faith Branson

Mockingjay Part 1 of the Hunger Game movie series was released Thursday, November  20. In my opinion, it was a great movie.  Even though they added parts and took some parts away that were in the book, it was a great movie. Also, the ending couldn’t have been better. It makes me hungry for part 2, but also doesn’t make me angry.

Can I just say that actor Josh Hutcherson’s (Peeta Mellark) performance brought me to tears. He was so good and the perfect person to play the role as Peeta. You could really see the hurt, fear, and confusion. Hutcherson was very, very moving, I believe it was his best movie yet.

Of course, actress Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss Everdeen) was amazing and perfect as always. Especially when she sang the “Hanging Tree.” You could see her hurting whenever Peeta was on the TV; you know it meant something. Also, how the people in the districts reacted to her being the Mockingjay, and the face of the rebellion,  made everything seem as though it was real and actually happening. Her acting gave you hope and made you believe.

I can not wait to see how they put together Part 2 and how the actors and actresses will play their parts. I definitely need to re-read Mockingjay. The movie was truly breathtaking.

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