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The Pride of Piqua performing at the state competition.

The Pride of Piqua performing at the state competition.

By Faith Branson

This past Sunday the Pride Of Piqua Marching Band performed at the OMEA (Ohio Music Education Association) State competition for the first time in 18 years! I’ve been in Marching Band for 5 years and to end those five years by going to State was simply amazing! It’s something I know I’ll never forget.

After we got done performing and I got off my podium, I saw something I know I will never forget: the crowd was giving us a standing ovation. It was amazing. Being in band, I have seen how under appreciated members are. We don’t get included in this or that and nobody really recognizes us for the hard work we do all summer and all school year.  Band camp is 5 days long (normally the hottest week in July) from 8 am-9pm. Trust me, it’s hard and to be given a standing ovation at my last contest which was STATE brought tears to my eyes, and I couldn’t be more proud of the band that I was lucky enough to be apart of for 5 years.  Leading them this year (I’m Head Field Commander) has been an unforgettable experience.

At awards we were given a 2 or an Excellent rating; getting a 2 at state is like getting grand champion anywhere else, and for our first time in 18 years, we got a 2!!! It’s like a dream come true. Funny, the title of our show is “Dream On.”

After awards the whole band and some family members/friends celebrated with us at Golden Corral where we had a lot of funny eating and talking. Just to be able to relax with the band was a good way to end my marching season. We told the workers that it was our band directors birthday, we all applauded for him (it really wasn’t his birthday), and we actually sang for the people whose birthday really was Sunday. It was just a blast. I know I’m going to miss this family I’ve become apart of. Heck, I miss them already and the season just ended. I cannot wait to see what they accomplish in the coming years; I’ll be here behind them cheering them on the whole time. Because graduate or not, it’s still my family, and I love them.


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