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D.I.Y. Crafts

By Mariah Killian


Everyone loves gifts, but no one likes to buy expensive gifts. We all want to get something nice for someone, but why buy something expensive when you can make something of more value that’s cheap?  D.I.Y. crafts are right up the cheap, easy and more sentimental gift range.

These crafts include homemade candles, bath balms, stuffed puppets, make up, mugs, food and  more. There is no limit in the creativity of D.I.Y crafts. Personally my favorite crafts are mug customization and puppet making.

Expanding your creativity on these crafts to make someone an easy and cheap gift always seems to come with a better result from the gift receiver. Due to the craft being home made and well personalized to that person, it holds much more value than that $300 jacket you were going to buy.

These crafts can even be used for yourself. You can make lipsticks out of crayons, which is proven to actually be way safer than most store bought lipstick. Sugar scrubs with their own scents that you add for those candle lit bubble baths women like to take can also be made cheap in your own kitchen. I personally could go on forever about these crafts considering that I love them. D.I.Y. crafts are perfect gifts and gifts to yourself; they are creative and fun, so the next time you want to buy that $10 lipstick, just think you can make your own for less!

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