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Del Sol in the sun

By Mariah Killian


Del Sol is a store dedicated to selling and making items that have the ability to change color in the sun. Over the last few years this store and its market has blown up in certain parts of the U.S. Though still not well known, this place is creative and inventive. They have all kinds of products such as: Shirts, headbands, sunglasses, nail polish, sports equipment and more.

The environment of these stores are friendly and interactive. The people working at Del Sol also have fun personalities and respond well to any questions you have. They are friendly and well involved with their customers. UV Ray lights are also placed all around the store so customers can check out what colors their products will turn in the sun.

Del Sol has a fun upbeat sense of life and there is no way anyone could miss the good vibes radiating from this store’s front doors. I highly recommend that people visit this store; no person will regret it. They also have an instagram, twitter and facebook you can follow. If you are a huge fan of the store, go ahead and friend them on facebook; people who are friends on facebook with Del Sol will receive a gift of appreciation from the company. There is so much life and good things in this store it truly is amazing

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