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Finally Leaving High School

By Faith Branson

Well, here’s the thing, us Seniors here at Piqua High have 20 days left (not including weekends) thank everything that’s holy!!! I have been waiting for this since the second day I walked into this high school, MY FRESHMAN YEAR! Previously with the upperclassmen before me that I’ve watched graduate, I was losing some my friends; I always got attached to the classes above me. This year I have people in every class below me that I’m very close to that I will be leaving, instead of them leaving me. I don’t know which one is harder.

The days I get to walk down the halls of Piqua High School are coming down to small numbers, and I’m not sure if I’m ready to leave yet even though I know Piqua is ready for me to go. To me this is a good place to grow up, but not a good place to stay. My dreams are much bigger than what Piqua (even Ohio) can offer me.

One class that I will not only miss the most but hold the closest to my heart is my Newspaper class. I’ve been in Newspaper for 2 years and may I say that this class has literally saved my life and my high school career. Debbie Allen, the Newspaper Adviser, is one of the nicest and smartest women that I know. She always pushes us to do better (in everything), and she is one of the few teachers I know that treats us like the young adults we are, and not the children everyone else views us as. She has been my mom, away from, well, my mom. I could literally come to her for anything, and I’m not scared to do just that.

Back in november my actual mom had a breast cancer scare (it wound up not being anything major or cancer related, but that’s another story). When my mom told me the news that she needs to go in for more testing I was terrified because my mom is my everyday hero, and Mrs. Allen and the whole Newspaper class was there for me as my shoulder to cry on and share my worries with; I have no idea what I would do without them. Newspaper is during the last period of the day and it’s going to be so hard walking away from them on May 22 at 2:20 pm.

The class has shown me that not only is it okay to go after your dreams no matter how big or scary they are, but it’s also okay to be different, and stand out. This class has become my family and I fully intend on staying connected with them even when Piqua is no longer my home. I cannot wait to start my life, but I’m more than happy to live out these next 20 days with what everyone says high school is all about being, “the time of your life.”


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