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Graphic Novels at Piqua High School

By Mariah Killian


Over the last few weeks Piqua High School’s Art Two classes have been working on graphic novels. First they had to create a plot line and title for their story, then they started character sketches of each main character, along with action poses for them. Afterwards they had to work on thumbnails for each page in their graphic novel they will be creating. These, however, are just small rough drafts to help structure the final draft more efficiently. Once done with the thumbnails, they will be creating four different title pages to choose from for their final cover.

The students once completely done with their rough draft drawings, will choose a medium to create their graphic novels with and begin making their final piece. The entire graphic novel will look much like a comic book, with whatever drawing type the student chooses to use. The simple creativity that can be put into this project is endless. Piqua High School’s students have been working hard on these projects so far, and I am certain they will turn out fantastic.


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