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Spring is in Session


By Mariah Killian


Spring is coming, and it’s coming quick. This is the¬†perfect time of year when the air is fresh and the weather is just right. This is the season of new beginnings, when plants are in bloom, the sun is bright, and we experience¬†the joy of not being cooped up.

Spring has always been a favorite season of mine personally for the fact that it is the perfect time to get out and be active. You can go on walks or start up sports and just get out there. Spring is perfect for the fact that it is not too hot or cold, the world is once again waking up and everyone feels a renewed energy with the season of blossom.

Along with spring comes a time change, in which the sun stays out longer than normal. This means people will stay out more and have time to go do what they want before night covers the sky. Spring is also the perfect time to camp and sit by the fire with friends and family.

Overall, spring is amazing; it is the perfect time of year, and we should take the time to see its beauty.

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