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‘The Longest Ride’ movie review

By Tori Nix

The Longest Ride  is a movie based from Nicholas Sparks’ novel of the same name. The movie stars Britt Robertson and Scott Eastwood as Sophia Danko and Luke Collins, as well as Alan Alda (Ira Levinson), Oona Chaplin (young Ruth), and Lolita Davidovich (Kate Collins).

The movie, as well as the novel, follow the same story: Former bull-riding champion Luke and college student Sophia are in love, but conflicting paths and ideals threaten to tear them apart; Luke hopes to make a comeback on the rodeo circuit, and Sophia is about to embark on her dream job in New York’s art world. As the couple ponder their romantic future, they find inspiration in Ira, an elderly man whose decades-long romance with his beloved wife withstood the test of time.

Rating the movie, I’d give it four and a half stars as it clearly follows the novel, but differs in noticeable areas. Overall, the movie is a must-watch as it gives something for everyone: romance for the ladies, bull-riding for the guys, and a love story that will live in the hearts of both.


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