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By Mariah Killian


Over spring break for Piqua High School I traveled down to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Hilton Head Island is a very beautiful place with a variety of trees and a kind hearted community of people. Everywhere you walk there is a bike path; it substitutes for the sidewalks they do not have.

Close to where my family and I were staying there is a place called the Cologinay shops. This place is full of all kinds of unique shops. A few are the Black Market Mineral, Wax and Beyond custom candle shop, Mingles, and the Kite Shop. In the center of this outdoor shopping area are booths and a stage. The booths consist of airbrush tattoos, custom shirts, anklet and bracelet booths, and a sun glasses stand. The stage is where small acoustic concerts and fundraiser competitions are held.

Later in the week my family and I went down to Savannah, Georgia. This place in my opinion is the most beautiful place ever. Savannah is full of life, art, and history. There are trolley rides, and carriage rides that take you through downtown historic Savannah, all of which give you rich information on the past. Forsyth Park is a huge park with a famous fountain that is ten times more beautiful in person. Savannah is also home to the bench Forrest Gump sat on to tell his story and is home to the famous Mercer house from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.  Over many years, Savannah’s history and fame has built up. This city is home to the famous cook Paula Deen, a well known candy salt water taffy, and fresh Pralines.

Both Hilton Head and Savannah are beautiful places. They are both full of history and many places to visit. I would suggest anyone to take a visit to either of these to cities.


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