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Country music stereotyped

By Andrew Lamphar

Country music is arguably the basis for many modern day genres.

The great country artists of Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, George Strait, Conway Twisty, and the legendary Hank Williams Jr. made thousands of record between them and have won countless awards. These artist must have known how to write good music and how to capture the public’s attention, but how?

If you listen to songs by these artists, you will see a pattern. They write their music with heart and soul, and each song has a deeper meaning. They make songs that relate to our daily problems. “All Country music is about, losing a girlfriend, a truck, or about a dog” is what a lot of people believe and this just shows how fast people are to stereotype. Some songs are about these topics, but these are problems that many people face in a day. Most country music is written as a metaphor, and even though the artist is saying one thing, the meaning behind those words is the art of music.

Without country music we wouldn’t have the popular genre of R&P. “R&P is the black man’s country,” said Drake in an interview. The modern day R&B artist have openly admitted that they have taken many lessons from country music. They explain how through country music they learned to write songs about real problems and not just things that have a good beat or is popular at the moment. Modern artists also admit to using some of the problems expressed in country music to inspire them to write music about the same things.

Beyoncé admits that the true art of music is being able to make a song that everyone can relate to their own lives. An artist needs to be able to write a song for their own personal reason but without knowing the intention of the artist, the listener can find comfort in the song. No one perfected this art more than the country music artists.

So before you began to stereotype country artists or music, take a moment and listen to a song written by one of the previously listed artists and recognize the trust art of this genre.

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