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How Piqua High School Changed My Life

By Andrew Lamphar

As this is the last article I will ever write for Piqua High School I just wanted to give my story about how Piqua changed my life.

“High school is the best time of your life” this is what we all hear and rather its true or not, high school is a time in your life when you figure out who you are and what you want to be. Many students don’t think about this until there junior or senior year when they began college applications, I found out who I was at a much earlier time.

My freshman year of high school I did not go to Piqua High, the school I went to was one that I had always thought was the high school I would graduate from. This all changed during my first year in this school, I had many friends that followed me to high school most of them were lifelong friends. When we all got to high school things began to change and these friends that I had disowned me due to the fact that I didn’t want to do the stereotypical high school things. I didn’t want to spend my Saturday nights getting drunk with people I didn’t like and doing drugs with kids I thought I knew, because of this many of my friends started to leave me and even more of them began to make fun of me and taunt me monotonously about being too “Uptight”.

After a month of this I became very depressed and confused on my importance in this world. I am a very internal person who doesn’t allow people to help me with my problems, and I don’t let my emotions show. This is the way I was raised; it wasn’t my parents fault- they just raised very strong and independent kids. I finally broke down one day to my mother after contemplating suicide, but I know that I could never do that to my family; she was understanding and took me to countless doctors over the next months. After the doctors have told me that I was: depressed, sick, anxious, and even faking my symptoms. After being put on 3 anti-depressants, 4 anti-anxiety and 2 different nerve pills, I began to feel nothing. I didn’t feel any emotions, I was a complete zombie, just going through the motions and didn’t even care about who I was or what I did. I just lived to live and I didn’t enjoy my life. On that amount of medicine you began to lose memories and if you ask me my schedule for my freshman year, I wouldn’t be able to tell you what I took past first period.

One day toward the end of the year, I decided that I didn’t like who I was and who I had become. When I looked in the mirror I didn’t like the person I saw who was only motivated by medicine that was manufactured in a lab, I didn’t like my lab produced happiness. So I decided to sit down with my parents and figure out what was wrong with we, what was causing all of this anxiety. I wanted to figure out who I was again after I lost myself for an entire year. After many hours of breaking down in my kitchen and telling my parents everything, we decided that the school I was in wasn’t the right choice for me and that I needed to try another option.

That next year I went to Piqua High School, and since that day in my kitchen, my life has been changed. My first experience with Piqua was with the soccer team; this was like no other team I had ever been on. The team did not care about who you were or where you came from; they didn’t judge me on my past but they only judged me on who I was that day. I found multiple friends on that team that will forever be my life-long friends. The teachers at Piqua Highs School also had a big impact on my life; they taught me more than they would ever know. They taught that it is ok to be different and that they will not judge you on who you decide to be. Without the teachers that Piqua has, I would have never become the young man that I am today. These teachers where the ones inspired me to get off of all my pills and to figure out what is like to be truly happy again. These teachers are what saved my life and I am forever grateful for that.

Because of the large impact that teachers have had on my life, I have decide to become a teacher. I hope to come back to this school that saved my life when I was only 15. I believe that I was put through this misery and I believe that my destiny is to become a teacher so that I may one day be able to help a kid who was like me. I know that if I can change only 1 kids life through the 35 years I will teach then I will have done my job and all of my pain will be worth it.

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