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Merlin and the Lost Years

By Mariah Killian


T.A. Barron author of the book series Merlin: The Lost Years is a truly phenomenal writer. Having eleven books in his series, he starts the first one off with a kick. In his first, we meet a boy who washes on shore with a woman he doesn’t seem to know, only to be attacked by a boar. He, in fear, quickly pulled the woman to safety and hid with her as a stag fought off the boar.

Soon after the fight, he realizes he has no memory at all.  Five years later he finds himself living a simple life with the woman who calls herself his mother and he goes by the name Emrys. However, through the last few years living in a small village he had no friends and was bullied by the blacksmith’s son. Finally, one day Emrys has had enough with the blacksmith’s son, but instead of using violence, he runs.  The next day he is found by the blacksmiths’s son, and his mother steps between the boys. Later the blacksmith’s son kidnaps Emrys’ mother and tries to burn her at the stake, but in rage Emrys’ magic took hold and the burning stake fell over onto the bully. Realizing what he has done, Emrys himself runs into the fire to save him, only to lose his own eyesight.

He awakens to find out he is blind and vows to god if he shall ever see again, he will never use his gift of magic ever. In that moment he is gifted with second sight and a few months later left to find his true name, life and memories. So building himself a raft he goes to sea, and in the midst of a storm lands on the island of Fincayra. While on this island, he meets a few friends and finds out that the land was in need of help, for the place of magic was dying. So he went on this huge quest with his friends Rhia, Shim, and Trouble. In the end however Emrys saves all of Fincayra and helps to fix the lands.

Though there is more, even if he got his memories back, and found a little piece of himself there is more to this story. This series so far has been beautifully written and I would recommend it to any person looking for a good adventure book to read.

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