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Why schools need an after prom

By Tori Nix   Everyone enjoys prom. They enjoy the dancing, the socializing, the “fun time” on a Saturday night. However, what about after prom? What can students do to continue enjoying their night without getting in trouble by their parents or the law? Prom is a great thing for students to enjoy on their […]

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Avengers: Age of Ultron

By Andrew Lamphar Avengers: Age Of Ultron wastes no time getting started. Opening with a long, unbroken shot that follows first one Avenger, then all of them together as they race through the forest outside an Eastern European fortress in the fictional, war-torn country of Sokovia, it moves as if unburdened by the need to […]

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The knowing of leaving

By Faith Branson Just like every year, the cheer tryouts for 2015-2016 had seniors who are graduating come up with the tryout material and help take the girls to the stations at the actual tryouts. It was weird being where the seniors that graduated before me stood. Knowing this is how they felt. It make it […]

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