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The Root of Science…Darwinism

By Mariah Killian


Darwinism has long been a controversial topic world wide. Many people to this day, though evidence gives way that darwinism is fact, do not believe it to be true. They are wrong and there are avalanches worth of evidence over the years proving Darwin’s theory true.

Back in Darwin’s time there was no technology to help fully prove his theory. Though all of his peers were not in favor of his ideas or findings and belittled him much, Darwin never gave up on his research. For a man of his time, Darwin understood what was going on behind the scenes more so than the rest.

On a travel to the Galapagos Islands, Darwin noticed that there were all kinds of different birds though they were all similar in a sense. He began to question if they were related or not, and using what art skill he had, he drew these creatures to compare to one another. Genetically he was never able to prove that this was indeed true, but the similar features of each bird and or species he studied (mainly birds) gave way for this information. It wouldn’t be until many years later that we would find evidence genetically that Darwin was indeed right: these animals were related.

Since the finding of evolution being true and the many findings after, Darwinism has become the root of science. Yet there is still controversy that evolution is not real because of religious beliefs. If people would open their eyes to the world of science and the things that have been proven true to them, they would see that there is no denying the miracle that Darwin discovered without having to give up their beliefs. There is something spectacular about understanding Darwinism and how all living things are in someway connected. Darwinism will forever be a theory of fact, yet a theory still yet to be fully understood.

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