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The Voice in Your Head

By Mariah Killian


Everyone knows that little voice in their head that says: “ You aren’t good enough,” “Why do you even try,” “Just give up.” It is that voice that speaks soft whispers that make you feel less than what you really are; the name of this voice is anxiety. Anxiety is generally the feeling of worry, nervousness and fear of an event. The reason that little voice comes and whispers these upsetting lies in your ear is because of the worry and nervousness that is felt.

Though every person feels some sort of anxiety, there are people with anxiety disorder. Some symptoms of people with this disorder are constant worrying no matter how big or small, sleeping problems, irrational fears, muscle tension, chronic indigestion, stage fright, self consciousness, panic, flashbacks, perfectionism, and compulsive behaviors.

Anxiety disorder is a mental illness, much like that of depression. However anxiety disorder scientifically is proven to not be caused by a person’s’ life. Instead it is caused by a change in the brain and environmental stress. It has been proven that people with anxiety disorder have certain changes in their brain that make them feel anxiety much stronger than a normal human being. There is also proof that this disorder can be partly inherited from your parents, depending on the strength of their anxiety. There however a few ways to treat this disorder: medication, psychotherapy, behavior therapy, relaxation therapy, and changing lifestyle and diet. Many people are affected by this disorder every year;  raising awareness we can give these people hope.

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