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Crimson Peak

By Mariah Killian


Crimson Peak is one of the newest movies out and has quite the story to it. Personally, I thought I was going to see a scary movie with jumpscares and gore. The trailers had lead me to believe that there was going to be evil creatures and crazy deaths. However, it is more of a plotted story, with ghost symbolism, than a scary movie. I can’t complain too much, though; the story is well written, and is portrayed quite beautifully.

The main characters Edith and Thomas are quite diverse, and I love their portrayals. Edith is a young author who writes ghost stories, due to her ability to see ghosts. Thomas is a young business man looking to find money for his endeavors. When Edith was young, her deceased mother had visited her and told her to “beware Crimson Peak.” This is her first time seeing a ghost, and since then she can see all kinds of ghosts, though she fears her ability.

Thomas as a young inventor travels to the early America’s to find a business endeavor with Edith’s father, who works with businessmen. However, Edith’s father doesn’t like Thomas because he is infatuated with his daughter, and after doing research on Thomas, decides to decline him everything and blackmail him to leave. Upon Edith’s father blackmailing Thomas, he decides to leave, but not without a love note to Edith first.  Soon after we see Edith’s father brutally murdered in the bathroom, to later be discovered after Edith runs after Thomas.

So with Thomas and his sister, the three travel to England where the siblings reside in their worn down mansion. Lucille is very stingy, and creepy in a way. You can tell she is most definitely the story’s conflict. She is subtly jealous of Edith being wedded to Thomas, and is very unusual in general. Her answer to every thing is feeding Edith tea (which is important.)

Soon after moving in Edith starts to see ghosts everywhere. They all chase her and scare her, trying to make her leave. At first she thinks they were all vengeful. Her telling Thomas freak both of the Sharp siblings out, because how can she possibly know about all the deaths in the sharp mansion. Edith however needs answers, she spends a lot of time snooping until one day when Thomas had told her the nickname of their mansion was the Crimson Peak (Cue title of the movie here). Edith then demands air, where in town she and Thomas get a room for the night and end up doing some things (Fans of Tom Hiddleston come to see this part.)  When they come back, Lucile finds out and throws a huge fit. Later we find out it is because the siblings had an inappropriate relationship together.

However, Thomas has fallen for  Edith and wants to be with her. By this point, Edith is poisoned and dying from the tea, and she finds out that Thomas has been married many times for money, and all the ladies had been killed.  The difference is Thomas actually loves Edith and lets his sister kill him for her. SPOILER ALERT:  Then Edith kills Lucille and the movie ends.

So no this is not a scary movie, but it has an interesting plot, that holds you tight to what is happening. Overall I give this movie a good rating and suggest others to watch, but it still isn’t a scary movie.     

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