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Tattoos and piercings in the work place

By Mavis Brown

The desire to express one’s individuality has become progressively more common in people throughout history and the development of society as a whole. One common outlet that people have used to show a character of their own are tattoos and piercings of all kinds. There are a wide variety of piercings available to get such as naval, nose/septum, many kinds of lip piercings and as many as 5-6 different ear piercings that you could have done. Normal tattoos are quite common, but there are also more unorthodox methods for a permanent picture on your skin, such as scarification.

Although tattoos and piercings are not completely taboo, the question still arises-are they appropriate to show off in your place of employment? Tattoos and piercings can be considered impractical and unprofessional in certain lines of work. Even in works places such as McDonald’s, there is a very strict code on how their employees present themselves. Facial piercings must have a clear plug to replace them while on the job and ear piercings such as an industrial are also a no-no.

However, it could be argued that not allowing individuals to represent themselves as they would outside of work is somewhat misleading. Not to mention it could be frowned upon to strip people of the things that make them stand out and feel good about themselves. So, whether you think that tattoos and piercings are a yes or a no in your workplace, is up to you.


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