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The differences between Korean Dramas or American Dramas

By Tori Helman

Korean dramas or KDramas, as most people who watch them call them, are South Korean dramas that in the last 5 or so years have become very popular internationally. There are a lot of differences between Korean dramas and American dramas. For most Korean dramas, the first show or two is boring or weird, and so to really figure out if you like the show or not, you have to get past the first few episodes. You also have to watch it with subtitles, and for some people that may take some time getting use to; in American dramas you don’t have to watch it with subtitles, obviously. There are also usually a lot of KPop stars in KDramas. If you don’t know what KPop is, it is what Korean music is called. Whereas, American dramas don’t really have famous musicians in them.

Also while watching KDramas you have to keep in mind that Korean culture is different than American culture, so there isn’t any nudity or excessive PDA unlike in American dramas. So say you are watching this KDrama about these two people and these two people like each other they may get together in the the first 10 episodes but they probably won’t kiss until the 20th episode. The characters in KDramas are also always eating really good looking food, so if you watch any KDramas on an empty stomach you will probably get really hungry while watching it.

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