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What it’s Like to be a Senior

By Mariah Killian

Personally, I never could have imagined making it this far. To me it seemed like just yesterday I was a curious little girl peeking her head in empty classrooms trying to imagine growing up. Here I am now, though, a senior at Piqua High School making a future for myself. A lot can change in three, almost four, years of walking the same halls. You not only grow and change physically, but you figure out who you are and eventually what you want in life. Being a senior is very busy. You have lots of expectations to meet, things to finished, colleges to try for, and preparing to say goodbye to the people with whom you spent your childhood.

Everyone has a different story, and mine is probably similar to others, but it’s not where we come from, it’s what we decide to do. I’m asked quite a bit: “What is it like to be a senior?” My answer for the longest time has been: “It feels no different to me.” However, over the last few months my view has started to change. I look around me, and I see younger people looking for guidance, people being bullied, the fading presence of those before us, and our class preparing to leave. The best a senior can do is make what impression they can. Younger classes may not like us very much, but they are still just children in need of a good friend.

I am still making the transfer from child to adult, and it’s a weird change, but a good one. Most people are scared to leave; however, I feel different. I feel as if I have received all that I could here and that I am being given permission to step into my future with hope and determination. I won’t lie and say it’s not stressful, because it is; when you have so much to accomplish in such little time, it really weighs on you. The main goal is to find a comfortable pace, to get things done in a manner for which you won’t panic. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE! It is the worst thing you can do as a senior. When you get to senior year, there is only little you need to do, but don’t let your grades slip because you feel lazy- it won’t look very good on you for college.

Though it can seem scary  when you take your first step into a new school, knowing that it will be the next few years of your life, you shouldn’t worry. If anything you should take it as your next adventure in life, and do the best you can. Any new moment in your life, you should take positively. Senior year for me has been a good experience, and I know after I am gone there will be another door for me to step through.

I’ve learned a lot here at Piqua High School. I’ve learned it’s okay to fail; you can try again. Even when people leave you will be okay, it is okay to be scared, and you should never give up on yourself. People will always come and gone in your life, don’t lose opportunity over other people. The only person who will always be there is you, and as a senior I know I will be okay because I have my own back. It can be hard and scary at times, and sometimes even I want to quit, but I’ve learned to get back up because my future won’t wait for me; I have to go after it. Yeah, I am sad to go, but all at once I am excited for the next adventure in my life, and no matter where I go I will be alright. So when I am asked what it’s like to be a senior my answer now is: “Its just another part of growing up.” 

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