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By Mariah Killian


Today we live in a society where long life and young looks are a top priority. However, there are things people should know about aging. Something most people tend to worry about as they get older is when they will start to look old. There are many things that can affect premature aging from genes to simple habits.

The most common and easy thing to avoid is smoking and drinking. Habits are hard to break, but it could be a game changer in the age game. A person’s skin needs care, hydration, and collagen. These keep your skin healthy and young; smoking and drinking, loosens and drys out your skin. This leads to premature aging and early death.

Another factor in aging is weather. Yes! the sun, cold, warmth, or moisture in the air can affect your aging. Sun damage is a huge cause in premature aging- sorry, people who sunburn easy. The cold or warmth can thin, and pull your skin, causing early on wrinkles. Nature is fighting back with old age.

One of the biggest reasons for premature aging, though, is your attitude. People who tend to be happier, are proven to age more slowly, and live longer lives. Anger, anxiety, depression and other negative feelings can lead to early aging. Frowning a lot can lead to muscle memory wrinkles. So smile, you are slowing your aging.
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