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An Artist for the Ages

By Mariah Killian


    Like every well known artist Chuck Close has made his mark upon the world for his originality. Close specializes in photo realism portraits, in a blow up size. Instead of working smaller he would large scale do his art, using a grid system. However, every artist has a story, and Close has quite the story to tell.

    Close was born July 5, 1940 in Monroe, Washington. He grew up with severe dyslexia and art was a coping method for him. When he was eleven he lost his parents to health problems, and later himself was suffering from kidney problems for a year. Despite this, though, Close deepened his love for art.  Later he attended Washington University, and then Yale for a Master of Fine Arts degree. He has been well known for his large scale portraits and his change of technique.

    However, later into his life, tragedy struck. Close had a sudden spinal rupture, paralyzing him. With some work, though, he was able to regain some use of his limbs. Despite being stuck in a wheelchair, Close hasn’t let it stop him from his art. To this day, Close is still a remarkable artist and has made quite the change in the art community.

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