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Senioritis: A Senior’s Sickness

By Tori Nix

Are you a senior in high school? Do you have the urge to graduate as soon as possible? Are you becoming lazy with your schoolwork, therefore, getting bad grades? Well, you may be suffering from Senioritis. Senioritis is a condition that affects almost all seniors in high school. The onset age for Senioritis is seventeen and becomes more noticeable during the third quarter, as students get closer to graduating. On average, a total of seventy-eight percent of seniors say that they suffer from Senioritis.

Symptoms for Senioritis include failure to complete schoolwork, laziness, boredom, daydreaming during class, wearing sweatpants and not caring about appearance, skipping class and feeling no remorse for it, and wanting nothing more than to be finished with high school. And the only cure for Senioritis is to graduate, which is what many seniors with the disease look forward to.

There are many seniors around the world that are suffering from the disease. Juston B., a senior at Anna High School (Anna, Ohio), says, “With Senioritis, I have a blatant intolerance for homework and  homework-related entities. Algebra and English seem useless. And physical education? Who needs that? Kids don’t go outside anymore.” Thomas B., from Monterey High School (Lubbock, Texas), says, “I’m slowly losing my productivity. I dislike people in high school, and I want to leave, but I can’t… yet.” Michaela F., from Ridgewood High School (West Lafayette, Ohio) says, “I’ve had Senioritis since the beginning of the school year, and I’m failing because I haven’t done much. I guess I’ve gotten lazy and just don’t care about school work much anymore.”

So, whether you’re suffering from Senioritis or know someone who is, there are only four more months until graduation. And you can, and will, be cured from Senioritis… Until you go to college, then the process starts all over again.


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