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Game over for game addicts

By Tori Nix


    You can be addicted to anything: drugs, alcohol, cell phones and even games. Game addiction is just as serious as the other addictions. About three-million people are addicted to video games. And the number is increasing as more video game systems and video games are coming to life.

    The symptoms for game addiction includes preoccupation, mood swings, losing track of time, agitation or anxiety (from being away from the game), overspending on video games, lack of interest in school work, lack of activities that used to be of interest, depression when not able/allowed to play, headaches, irregular eating habits, lack of personal hygiene, as well as many more.

    Game addiction affects not only the user but people around the user as well, such as family and friends. However, recovery methods to game addiction include Cognitive Behavior Therapy, family therapy with a counselor, inpatient treatment, and  wilderness treatment.



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