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The Miraculous Ladybug

By Mariah Killian


The Miraculous Ladybug is a show about Marinette and Adrien two teens trying to defend all of Paris from evil. Marinette in her civilian life has parents who run the best bakery in all of Paris, and Adrien is a model for his father’s fashion company. Marinette has a huge crush on Adrien, whom her arch nemesis (and antagonist as Ladybug) Chole always tries to steal. However, Adrien isn’t the most interested in any civilian girls, he is in love with the Miraculous Ladybug.

When fighting crime Chat Noir (black cat in french) and Ladybug are quite the team. They always have one another’s back while keeping their identities hidden from one another. Their main nemesis Papillon uses akuma’s (butterflies) to possess upset souls and use them as weapons against Chat Noir and Ladybug. To defeat Papillon they have to free the Akuma and purify it from evil. The reason Papillon wants to destroy Chat Noir and Ladybug is for their kawami. Their Kawami are little creatures that give them their superhero powers. Marinettes kawami is named Tikki  and has the power of luck. Adrian’s kawami is named Plagg and he has the power of cataclysm (the ability to cut through anything). If Papillion got his hands on their kawami all of Paris or even the world could be doomed.

The Miraculous Ladybug is a French show, but there are English, French and Korean voices for the show. The show altogether is well rounded, full of plot and is always entertaining.

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