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Red Queen Rook Review

By Mariah Killian


Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard is a toe curling book to read. It is the first book in her series and quite literally throws you into a whole new world. A world where your blood makes every difference between a poor life and a well lived one. Silver bloods, who are higher class, run a monarchy based solely on how they have silver blood, and powers that make them better than the reds. Where Red bloods live under the heel of the silvers, powerless and normal. They work hard lives defeated by poverty and fear of being conscripted into the army.

Mare Barrow is a thieving red blood trying her best to take care of her family, when one fateful night she runs into a silver blood prince named Cal, who gets her a job at the palace. Upon her first night of working she falls upon an electric shield to discover she infact has abilities like the silver bloods, except her blood is red. The queen being outraged paints Mare silver and forces her into a web of lies.

Learning to control her abilities and forced into a marriage with Maven, the younger prince, Mare feels trapped until one night after sneaking out with Cal, she joins the scarlet guard. The scarlet guard is a huge organization of red bloods looking to take down the silvers; their slogan being “rise, red as the dawn.” Later however Mare finds out her betrothed has also joined the scarlet guard. Together they betray, and hurt innocent people, only in the end to fall.

Cal, the heir to the throne and madly in love with Mare, is only the first to be betrayed. Mare, Maven and his legions all betray him. Maven betrays everyone except his mother. The queen of whispers forces death upon the king at Cal’s hand; Maven takes the crown. Breaking Mare and Cals heart, it is only the beginning of the revenge both plan to take. Wanting the queen and new king’s head on spikes, the book spins off into Victoria Aveyard’s second book Glass Sword.   

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