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Sierra the Unicorn

By Mariah Killian


There are tons of stories about unicorns, this is mine.


Sierra the unicorn was like no other unicorn in the land of mythical things. Sierra liked being alone, and quite liked the silence of the forest. Surrounded by water, trees, and many things to eat, Sierra was content with his lonely living.  Then one day a small chipmunk by the name of Steve came along. Steve was obnoxious, loud and rude. He came everyday to steal all the peace from Sierra’s dwelling; he even had the audacity to eat Sierra’s food while yelling insults at him.

After a few weeks of putting up with the obnoxious chipmunk’s shenanigans, Sierra had finally had enough. He set a small trap for the tiny monstrous being. Filling the carefully placed trap with some of his magic dust scraped from his glorious horn, Sierra let an evil chuckle slip through his snout. After a few days Steve had finally found the delicious smell of magic unicorn horn and fell right into the trap. He cried for help, though it wouldn’t come. Sierra heard the little monster’s cries for help and came to greet him.

“Thank goodness,” said Steve.

Sierra did not reply, he simply touched the tip of his horn to the cage. The cage melted around Steve, only to create chains around his tiny feet. “No!” yelled Steve, as Sierra started dragging the chipmunk back into the common ground of the forest. Using his magic, he hung Steve upside down from a tree, and shaved him of his fur. The tiny chipmunk cried, and finally Sierra said, “Never cross a unicorn.”

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