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Adulting Early

By Mavis Brown

State emancipation laws are all different, but most state courts charge a fee to file between $150 and $200. You have to file the petition with the court and let your parents or legal guardians know, but this is not always required. Then the court will schedule a hearing.
To be emancipated you need to meet certain living requirements, you will have to find and pay for a place to live and may possibly have to furnish it, pay for your own health care, be able to buy and cook your own food, and you will be legally responsible for all contracts you sign. You may now be sued and held financially liable.
When you are at the hearing, the judge will ask questions and want proof before choosing whether or not you should be emancipated. If the court decides you should be emancipated, you will be issued a declaration of emancipation and given copies of that you can give to doctors, schools, landlords, etc.



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