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A special night for senior sportsmen


By Bridgette Montgomery

It has always been a thrill playing your favorite sport for your high school team with your good friends. Having that excitement to go out and do what you love is the best part of that day. But when it comes down to a specific day when you realize it is all over for you, you start to feel the emotions inside that you can’t hide or deny. That year you are declared a senior and that moment, that game, that match is your last of it. Saying goodbye can be the hardest thing sometimes for some people. They find this night the saddest night of all time. The night you say goodbye to the crowd, to your friends you made on the way, to the memories and to the moments. No one wants to give that up, but at one point you have to move on with your life and give up what you truly love.

“It sucks, I have learned so much in my high school career and I created so many bonds with all my teammates. It’s still hard to believe that the season is over and I’ll never play with the same group of guys I’ve played with since fifth grade… I wish I didn’t have to leave it. There is no other feeling than suiting up for Friday night lights and no other feeling than getting ready to go to war with your brothers,” Hunter Hawk stated when asked about his thoughts and feelings for leaving his high school football career. You can read here that Hunter is not ready to leave his passion for football, at least he is planning to play during his college career. But for Anne Roof it is a totally different outlook: “It feels good knowing that I won’t be marching on the field any longer. It’s a little sad but I know that I did band for myself and where I am now in high school and the people I’ve come to know and make great friendships with is just amazing and it’s because of band… I am not sad to be leaving, I am proud that I put five long years of hard work into band and came out on top with qualifying for state three years in a row.” Roof sees it as a good thing but for a good reason. She is keeping her head held high, and she is now ready for what is coming for her during her upcoming college career.

Treona Whitemore and Madison Curtner, members of the Piqua High School girl’s soccer team are not ready to leave their high school soccer careers behind. Whitemore claims she is sad knowing she won’t be out on the field next year. The shock of it has not hit her quite yet, but the more time flies by she starts to feel the sadness more and more. Whitemore is planning to attend a college and join their soccer team, to further her career as a soccer player.

“It was a feeling I never wanted to feel. When they called all the seniors off with two minutes to go left in the game, it was the worst part. Besides that, it was a good feeling to leave one last home goal and being the first girl since 2010 to score against Troy. As well as having the winning goal against Fairborn to go to the second round of the tournament, which Piqua has not done in over a decade. The effort from the entire team this year was unbelievable and I’m so thankful that I got to play with this group of girls to finish my last season of high school… I remember being a freshman and laughing when the seniors said, ‘It goes by fast. Do not think it’s here forever.’ Now, being a senior myself and our season being officially over, I’m telling the freshman the same thing. I wish certain games would’ve turned out differently, but the accomplishments from the entire team that was made, made mine and the other seniors last year something we will never forget. Being a captain my last year was a great feeling, and I hope to continue to have that leader role as I attend college soccer,” Curtner responded in such a heartfelt manner. She plans to attend a college and continue her soccer passion in her college of choice while majoring in Early Childhood Education/Special Education.

When asked what it felt like knowing he would no longer be on those Piqua soccer fields any more Kameron Ashton replied, “You never really know what to expect or how to feel when it happens until that final horn goes off and the clocks hit zero and then you realize it’s all over. It hits you like a brick wall and it sucks to know that I won’t ever play with those guys ever again… I feel like soccer has taught me a lot in not just only soccer, but in life in general also. I will never forget our team sessions on getting to know each other and learning more about our coaches, these are memories that will stick with me forever now.”

Jordan Booker is a phenomenal volleyball player and she is also very inspirational! Booker said, “It feels like the end of a long journey of practices, conditioning, and working to better my skills. The thought of there not being another year is very strange to think about.” Jordan with all her heart answered the questions I asked.

Who says being a football trainer can not be fun or even heart warming when it comes to the end? Katie Sherman exclaimed her thoughts and feelings for her memories of helping the guys out on the field, “It was awesome being able to experience Friday night lights on the field, it’s a totally different experience than being up in the stands and I’ll miss being down there with all the players feeling the emotions they were feeling.”

Running may not seem fun or any type of enjoyment for many but for Kenna Bell and Andy Mayse they will always be enjoying their passion for their running career. They may not be able to run for Piqua High School any longer but they will continue it later on in the college or career choice. As for Andy, he is choosing to go to the military. So when he goes to the United States Military Academy in New York he is hoping to run track and cross country there. Then for Kenna, she is planning to be a varsity runner during her college career and if she can not proceed that she will join a running club. Kenna spoke from her heart, “It is really hard because I’ve grown extremely close with my team and coaches as a whole, I set a pretty high standard my Junior year and was unable to reach that goal this year and it was kind of depressing because I wanted to make it to Regionals to prove myself and the team that we do stand a chance against everyone else.   I am in no way ready to leave my team; they are all my best friends and I’m going to miss running and competing with them everyday. They could turn any bad day around just by showing up to practice and I don’t plan on leaving them entirely!” As it states in Bell’s quotation, she is not ready to leave her team yet. Andy, on the other hand is quite excited for his future to come! “I’ve been running cross country for the past six years; it will definitely be a change no longer running for Piqua, but I am sure that it will be a positive change. Throughout my time running in Piqua, I hope to have passed on my love for running to some of the underclassmen. The team is growing and I am sure that it will do great in time… It is definitely bittersweet leaving, but it is time to take the next step in my running career. The United States Military Academy is a young and growing team. Throughout the next years at West Point the team should improve greatly, and I shall be able to experience some of the success with them.”

There are many more seniors and many more memories to be shared. Just remember, cherish the moments you have throughout high school. You will no longer have that type of experience again when it comes down to that night; the night the clock hits zero, the whistles blow, or when you past that finish line. You will realize that is the night to remember.

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