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How to lose a guy in 10 days: A movie review

By Jennifer Tellez

Andie Anderson is a writer for the “How to” portion of a magazine. Andie proposes the idea to her editor on doing an article on how to get a guy to leave you in 10 days. Andie then has to go out and find a guy she can make fall for her and then do everything in her power to get the guy to get rid of her.

Ben Berry is trying to win over a businessman and thinks he can make any women fall in love with him in 10 days. Ben takes up a bet and has to find a girl he can make fall in love with him before a big conference.

The problem starts here, both Andie and Ben are at a restaurant when they approach each other and leave the restaurant together. Here is when they decide to find their bait and start their research on each other. As one could probably see, these two are going to be colliding head-to-head to see who wins first. Neither of them knows that the other is using them, though.

Andie and Ben do the most bizarre things to get the other to either fall for them or make them break up with them. Towards the end of the movie, they find out by others that they were being used. Both of them are upset when they find out because they seemed to have fallen for each other in the 10 days they spent together.

Andie ends up writing the article but put her feelings into it and what she really felt rather than the experiment and all the crazy things she did to try to lose a guy in 10 days. When Ben reads the article, he realizes what he just lost. At this point, Andie is on her way to the airport. Ben starts following the taxi cab and is able to tell Andie how he feels.

Overall, this movie has a couple life lessons when it comes to relationships. For one, don’t use people to try to accomplish something work related. Two, being crazy won’t get you to get rid of a guy. Lastly, don’t run away from what you’re feeling thinking it’ll solve your problems.

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