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Thrilled for Thanksgiving

By Claire Hilleary

Thanksgiving is a holiday mainly known by and celebrated by Americans and Canadians this year on the 24th of November, but always celebrated on the fourth Thursday every November regardless of the day.

Most families who celebrate Thanksgiving spend it with their families and have an enormous meal, each family bringing something they have made to contribute to it. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Definitely one of my favorite holidays.

Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays in my opinion because it really is a selfless holiday. Giving and preparing food for your family, being able to sit around and actually interact and talk with one another- Many family members share and “Go around the table” saying what they are thankful for. Unlike Christmas, which in the current generation has mainly (but not completely) become all about presents and showing off and spending money, Thanksgiving truly is about being together with family and sharing a meal together.

I can’t wait for this Thanksgiving break!

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