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What makes Piqua unique?

By Bridgette Montgomery

There are many great things about Piqua. Not only is the town great, but so is the school district. Many people often talk down about Piqua, but really you just have to look at the bright side to see the ups of Piqua. There are many! For example, most of the people in the town of Piqua are very generous and humble. There may be some bad in the world, but there will always be good mixed into that. As for Piqua, there have been reportings of bad things that have happened here. But there also are good things that happen that many people don’t pay attention to. When you are in Piqua, you will notice the actions people make and that is what makes us great!

Piqua is a very welcoming city. I remember when I first moved here, a lot of my neighbors asked my father if we needed help moving in. Not only did many of them ask that, they also did little friendly gestures like giving us dessert or food. The small gestures everyone does is what makes this town compatible. It makes us all comfortable and feel safe with each other.

The people around our town spreading kindness is also causing kids that go to Piqua High School to act the same way which is good because high school is the one of the most stressful times of your life. Having such a good, happy environment around us helps us work together better and get better grades! So not only does the spread of kindness help our self esteem and thoughts about ourselves, but it also helps our grades and teamwork.

Kindness is one unique aspect of Piqua High; another one would be our students. In Piqua High School we are fully against any form of bullying. I have only heard about a few bullying incidents throughout my four years of being here. Compared to many other schools this is very shocking. Freshman year of high school is the biggest struggle with bullying. Throughout my freshman year, there were not much bullies or anyone who was against others, at least I had not heard about them!

Just like our students and their kindness is a top unique aspect of Piqua, so are our sports teams. The welcoming environment our sports team players give to the new, incoming players for Piqua is great! I would know the feeling of getting welcomed into a new sport here. I am a new cheerleader here, and I love it! The comforting feeling I have around them and knowing that I can be myself is nice to know. Piqua is a very warm, welcoming place and we give off good vibes.

Last but definitely not least of the top aspects that titles Piqua such a unique school is our staff! The staff at Piqua are amazing people. They show bright spirits and are always happy to be here. They give off the good vibe needed for the high schoolers to feel better at school. Having trust and being comfortable around your teachers is a big leap to success in a student’s education. Piqua’s teachers are very welcoming and don’t play favorites. Not only are the teachers the great staff members here, but so are the janitors, principals, assistants, and even the ones who work at the board of education! There are many great, amazing aspects of Piqua High School and our community all together. We are a one and only school!

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