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Women Against Feminism

Many women and girls around the world stand together and fight for the equality between men and women. Equal Pay for equal work, Equal recognition in all different aspects: mainly sports, job positions, opportunities and military  etc.

Yet, many other women are disgusted by the idea of feminism and act like it is a joke and that it is completely unnecessary. You’d think that being a woman, you would want equal rights alongside the opposite sex, right? Well these types of women try justifying why they think the opposite. Some women say that men’s sports, particularly the US Men’s Soccer team who has had significantly less success than the women’s team still make and should make more money because “Girls suck at sports” and “No one wants to watch them anyway; the games aren’t as interesting and fun to watch as men’s games.”

When I hear that sort of thing, I can’t help but cringe. I do not know why some women and some girls put down their own gender as a whole and are completely fine with men being superior in almost every aspect, It’s as if they have no confidence and respect for themselves and their gender as a whole.

A lot of the time, I feel as though women and girls against feminism are simply seeking male approval. They do not wish to be that girl who sticks up for herself and lets men and boys know that she is just as worthy and deserving as them. Some will do and say absolutely anything to side with the opposite sex which is only feeding their egos – Little do they know they are not gaining their desired respect or friendship.

Women and men (Who of course are more prone to be against feminism because they’ve never not had certain rights) alike also argue that equality and feminism should be focused on every other part of the world besides America- In countries where Girls are married off at young ages against their will and are burned by acid from men and have to be covered up completely at all times, only showing their eyes. I agree with this statement one hundred percent, The only problem is, that is not happening in America. Although equality in America is much more advanced-it is far from perfect. Those statements do not take away from the fact that men (not all) all over the United states and apparently the whole world do believe they are superior and do indeed get the “better end of the stick” in a lot of different ways and in a lot of different situations.

I hope that in the future more and more women and girls will stick up for themselves and their rights and not only try to please and impress the other gender. This is so serious, and I hope that one day when and if these “Women against Feminism” have daughters of their own,  that will be enough to help change their minds about a lot of different things and realize why feminism and equality is very important.

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