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Meditation or Detention? Take your pick

By Claire Hilleary

When a student acts out disobediently, many teachers and school staff agree that a consequence should always be necessary: the greater the severity of it, the greater the consequence.

A lot of schools, however, have tried a new technique when it comes to their students. ¬†Instead of sending misbehaved and disruptive kids to the principal’s office, they are being sent to- yes, you’re reading this right- meditation rooms. The kids are required to talk about the situation that occurred, what went wrong, how they feel, and most importantly how things could have gone differently and how they could have made a better decision. It gives them a chance to calm down.

They practice different breathing exercises while being surrounded by calming candles and scents/essential oils. Many teachers believe that when a child is sent to the principal’s office or detention for misbehavior, it does nothing good for the student. It makes the situation even more negative.

A lot of students would benefit from being able to calmly discuss their problems and discover solutions and answers for their behavior. Students who simply enjoy and feel relaxed when meditating are welcome to stop by the meditation during free periods or even after school to relieve the stress of the day and wind down. In my opinion, I would much rather be able to “meditate” and relieve stress than go to the principal’s office or serve a detention.

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