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Cracking your phone

By Claire Hilleary

Many teens around the world all know what it is like to open up a brand new phone: a phone that was a gift to them, their parents bought or that they, themselves, saved up for. It is the same feeling of happiness that rushes through our bodies when we open something new. This can turn awfully dark, though, when you drop your phone and crack the smooth, perfect and brand new screen.

I have experienced this first hand a couple of times; my two sisters haven’t had the best of luck with their phones either. One tip I have for anyone receiving a new phone is to IMMEDIATELY buy a case for it. Find a durable and reliable case and/or screen protector that will significantly decrease your chances of cracking a dropped phone. That seemed to be my mistake each time: never having anything on my phone to protect it.

I recently received the iPhone 6s and I completely shattered the screen in just one drop on my driveway and now there are black dots and distortions appearing all over my screen which keep me from completely seeing the keyboard and parts of my screen. Moral of the story- PROTECT YOUR PHONE AT ALL COSTS. Sometimes you cannot get it fixed so easily and a new iPhone could cost you up to $700 depending on the model.

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