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Get Involved!

By Bridgette Montgomery

“Why is it so important to be involved?” You may ask. It is very important to be involved in your community, school, or work place. The more you are involved in your community, the more trusting and outgoing you are looked as. It shows off a good first impression of yourself to the others around you. Most people look at you for help when it is needed because you seem more responsible and better in social situations. You are also considered very well rounded by everyone in your community.

“How can you get involved?” Simple! If you go to school, you can easily be involved in your school by joining programs, clubs, classes, sports, more and so on. It really isn’t hard to get involved in your school. You can go to the main office of your school and ask about any clubs or anything else you would like to participate in. Sometimes they are posted on the walls or even included on the announcements. Just pay close attention to the little things like those.

If you want to get involved more at your workplace, that is also easy to do. All you have to do is show interest and introduce yourself to others in your work area. Help others out around you. Stay after or longer than normal. Just involve yourself more to your job and be dedicated.

As for the people who would like to be more involved and join in the community, all you have to do is go out more, make new friends, ans make sure you are on everyone’s good side. Make a good impression to your peers around you in your community. Show dedication and respect to your community and everyone in it. Pick up the trash, join clubs and programs, and so on.

If you would like to get involved more in your community, school, or workplace, show your dedication and respect to the spot you are put in. You represent what you are involved in, so take advantage of what you have.

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