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Melanie Martinez

By Jennifer Tellez

Melanie Martinez started uploading videos of her singing at the age of 14 on her YouTube channel, and she auctioned for the voice in 2012. She got eliminated on the 5th week.

But Martinez didn’t fall back on her dreams of being an artist. Her signature look is half of her hair is dyed in two different colors. In each music video, it is a different color.

She went on and started writing her own songs, directing and editing them as well. She’s mostly known for her baby aesthetic and the main character is called Crybaby. Her first album is called Crybaby and each song gets entwined with each other to create a story and new characters get introduced throughout the album. The songs tell tales that have to do with drug abuse, depression and family dysfunctions. These songs also detail the crises that adults have to face.

I first heard of her from a guy friend who told me to listen to the song “Dollhouse” from her EP, and I realized that this song was something real. Listening to it and then watching the music video that goes along with it shows something that happens in the real world to people. I continued to look into her music and fell in love with the lyrics and her voice because she has amazing vocals.

Martinez’s music is under the genre of Alternative music. I think it’s because her music is so different from other artists. Listening to just one song or even the only album she has put out, you couldn’t label it under anything else. The way she dresses and everything about her is so unique that you can’t put her and her music under Hip Hop or R&B or anything else. She definitely has to be one of my favorite artists. I think everyone should hear her music sometime.


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