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New year, new me!

By Bridgette Montgomery

Everyone waits for that special day to come throughout the year. That special day that no matter how old you are, you get to stay up past midnight. Just to count down the last few seconds of that passing year and celebrate the start of a new one. That moment the ball hits the ground, that last second is spouted off, and everyone gets their New Year’s kiss is also when people claim to change themselves and become a new person. Some follow through it, most don’t.

A new year can be a really big struggle for most people. For the one’s graduating that upcoming year, it is quite hard for them. Not only is it hard trying to find the right life choices to make, but it is also just so shocking to them to watch their lives fly by so fast.

I asked a few students from Piqua High School what their thoughts were on the few days we’ve had so far of this new year. Krystal Pritchett, a freshman at PHS states, “It has been great so far!” With the excitement and tone her voice, you could easily tell she was ready for the rest of the 2017 year to be fun for her. But as for a junior at PHS, Makaylah Young replied, “The beginning of the new year has actually been kinda boring! Nothing has really changed from 2016 for me and when school started back I kinda just jumped back into the same old routine.” Makaylah might not be as excited for the new year as Krystal is, but let’s hope she still has a great rest of the year to come.

Then there is Jazmen Allen, a senior at PHS. Jazmen stated in her response, “I started the new year getting a high score on my ACT and getting accepted to my dream college. So I would say the beginning of 2017 has been great.” As it sounds from Jazmen, she seems to be looking into having a great, eventful year and getting all she was hoped for and achieved. “My 2017 year so far has consisted of ‘growth filling’,” stated a former student from Piqua High School, Ryan Wolfe. He went into explanation of what he meant by “growth filling.” Wolfe has had many eye opening experiences so far through his grown up life. He has grown as a soldier and as a person all together. “It’s very difficult,” Wolfe claimed. “Yet rewarding at the same time.”

The beginning of the new year is always the hardest part of the year to get through, or it could be opposite for others like some of these people’s responses were and it could be the best part of the year for you as well. Whichever way your year has been so far, I will hope and wish you the best year you can have. Happy New Year everyone and welcome to 2017!


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