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Teens looking for jobs

By Shasta Curtis

Getting a job as a teenager can be a challenge. Most places think that being a teenager means you are very irresponsible and immature. There are many places who will hire you in the food chain industry, but that is not a place most teens are looking towards as a type of employment.

I have currently looked for a place of work outside the food chain businesses, but there are very few stores that will hire someone who is still in high school. Most retail places allow you to submit a resume and apply with very small acceptance rates.

More adults are now working in the fast food chains than teenagers.  Based on analysis of federal government data, only about 30 percent of fast-food workers are teenagers, say Janelle Jones and John Schmitt of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, D.C. In studying the Current Population Survey for 2010-12, they also found that more than 36 percent of fast-food workers over the age of 20 had children (

There are several ways to prepare for a job interview to improve chances to become hired. Acting mature when around others really shows your managers you’re there to work and not play around. Dressing a certain way can create a huge impact on the whole concept. Most people are judged first based on their apparel.

Being upfront about days you would like off and if you have any piercings is a huge part of an interview. Lying on a resume will hurt your chances when applying for a job – also behavior in school and friends really shows true colors.

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