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Tips about going out

By Jennifer Tellez

We all know that excitement of when you turn 18. One of the many perks of being 18 is being able to go to clubs. Of course since 21 is the legal age to drink, you’re only allowed inside but no drinking. The Masque, a club in Dayton, is pretty popular. This club is more of a gay club. If you go online, you can check when “straight night” is and the prices for each night.

Going to a club is fun and a great way to have fun with friends because you let loose and dance, even if you can’t dance, you’ll learn because everything is so upbeat and loud. There are some people who will flirt and be a little weird but that’s why you go with friends: so everyone watches over each other. Waters are expensive, so take some extra money. Clubs are usually open later on weekends, so dance as long as you want. Take pictures and post them and don’t be scared to act weird. You’ll meet some new people but don’t give them your number, snapchat is a safer and better idea. Make sure you have a ride back home! Uber’s are not the safest ideas and they are hard to find. If you are the uber, make sure you trust your instinct about the person because people aren’t what they make themselves to be. Text your parents or someone to tell them where you are and if you are an uber, tell them where you’re going incase something happens.

Don’t forget the fun you had. Whether it was a club or not, enjoy the little things that life has to offer. One day you’ll realize that going to clubs and going out won’t be possible because you’re going to have a family or a career and won’t go out much, so enjoy the fun moments.


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