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Copy Cat!

By Bridgette Montgomery

Everyone loves having social media accounts to show off their fun lives to their distant and close family and friends. Social media is fun for everyone-definitely the many different types of social media apps you can get and join in on. For example, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, or even more are popular. What is so fun about all of these social media sites is how unique they are. Facebook is used more to show off pictures to your family and close friends. Tumblr is more of a girly, comedy app where you gossip or make jokes. Twitter is where a lot of friends of talk about their lives and chat to each other in public, also it is an easier social media to use for news. Snapchat is a picture based social media where you can picture chat with your many friends or post to your story about your fun events.  Instagram is also a picture based social media where you can post about your fun life to many of your followers around the world.

Like I said before, social media is amazing to people because of the different kinds there are. But what is so interesting about it when social medias steal from others social media sites. For example, many social media sites are starting to steal Snapchat’s unique features. It is unfair to Snapchat because they take the uniqueness from their social media app. Instagram stole Snapchat’s idea of adding a feature of a story that stays up only for 24 hours. That was the main idea of Snapchat, that is what makes it original and separate from other media sites. Then after Instagram stole that idea from Snapchat,  Facebook Messenger stole almost the same idea, but you can’t post a story to all your viewers. Though, you can send out a picture of yourself to anyone you choose using any type of face filter you want. Again, Snapchat originated that option! Then not only did Facebook messenger steal that idea it also branched off an app of Facebook, called WhatsApp, stole the idea of a story feature for their app. You can post a picture of yourself or whatever you are doing, using any filter or choice of stickers you want, and send it off for your viewers to watch. Then it will delete within a 24 hour range.

If you ever choose to make an app or social media site later in your future, I will remind you to always be unique. Never steal ideas from other social media sites. Maybe branching off their own ideas is not so bad. But completely copying them is not right. Being original will always be a positive thing in your life. You never want to be like the others or think like the others. So if you choose to make an app, go by what you think will be interesting or fun for people. Think of stuff some other popular apps don’t have. There are many different things many people could do to change up many different apps and make them completely different and unique, but they don’t choose to. They just want to draw in other people from famous features of other social media sites to make them bigger, yet it is making them less important.

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