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By Jennifer Tellez

You can’t change the past! The T.V. show “Frequency” is all about trying to change the past. So many plot twists occur during the end of the season. The show is currently on Netflix, and there is only one season. Rumor has it that there won’t be another season. The first season ended with a good wrap up, but some would say it still left off with a cliffhanger. The name of the show could be interpreted as many different things.

This show is all about trying to change the past. Raimy (main character) a cop, lost her father who was also a cop, over two decades ago. Raimy had recently found a ham radio in her garage that started working. On the other side of the ham radio was a man who she came to find out was her father. Her father, Frank, is in year 1986 and is living in a parallel universe. When Raimy was 11 years old, her dad died trying to find a murderer called The Nightingale. Raimy knew how her dad died and that day was approaching him so she told him how to avoid getting killed. The night he was supposed to die, they changed history in 1986 and in 2016. In 2016, Raimy’s mom got kidnapped by The Nightingale and Frank in 1986 can’t figure out who The Nightingale is and how to catch him.

Raimy and Frank do everything they can and have plans set up to try to get both him and Raimy’s mom back. 


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