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By Shasta Curtis

First Quarter

The 2017 Super Bowl was a game to make you stand on your toes! The patriots were said to win by many professional coaches to bet on that at any time. The game had a 0-0 score in the first quarter of the game with neither Patriots, nor the Falcons scoring a single touchdown. This was a shocking surprise to many viewers with the chances the Patriots had to win.

Second quarter
The game had gone up to 21-3 with the Falcons in the lead having the crowd believing they would win. It was an unforgettable moment.


Lady Gaga delivered her Super Bowl Halftime Show performance. After opening with a patriotic medley, she sang “Poker Face,” “Born this Way,” “Telephone,”  “Just Dance,” and then her new hit song “A Million Reasons”. Gaga had an amazing performance with an incredible costume change in a speedy timing!

Lady Gaga will not receive any compensation for her performance an NFL spokesperson mentioned in an interview with CBNC.

During the performance Gaga has millions of viewers fooled with jump off the stage, but in reality she had a prerecorded tape to fill in the place of her jump.

Third quarter
New England defense had to play a three out to open the second half, due to the return of  the punt near midfield. However, the Patriots could do nothing offensively, and the ball was overturned to the Falcons.
It only took the Falcons eight plays and a little over four minutes to reach the end zone for a fourth time. This put the Patriots back out on the field ready to play.

Fourth quarter
New England had a scoring drive to open the final period.  With time running out there was a throw in the red zone so the Patriots could try to get in a 33-yard field goal. The points helped to save them dramatically sending the game into overtime (which was a FIRST in Superbowl history).
Overtime was a all down to nothing. The Patriots scored a touchdown moving down the field quickly. The final score was 34-28 with the Patriots winning yet another Superbowl.

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