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Fish Frenzy

By Claire Hilleary

Fishing: the activity of catching fish, either for food or as a sport. I for one, catch fish for “sport” or recreation. Fishing is one of the most calming yet thrilling activities. Nothing compares to that sense of joy and anticipation you get when you feel the tug of a fish on the bottom of your line trying to pull on the bait but hopefully getting stuck on the hook so you can reel the fish in and catch it!

Different fish require different bait; say, you want to catch some bass and blue-gill -these fish are relatively smaller and can be caught and lured in with some simple earth-worms at your local gas station or grocery store. However, when trying to catch larger fish such as cat fish: pieces of chicken, hot dog or liver may be required to get them interested in swimming your way. One of the best times to go fishing for these bigger fish is at night-time. They seem to come out of the deeper part of the river/lake during this time and it is also quieter, which means the fish are more likely to be swimming closer to the surface.

If you do not feel like paying for bait, you can actually collect free bait!! The best time to do this is when it is really rainy outside. Have you ever noticed on a really rainy day there seem to be piles and piles of worms scattered across the streets and sidewalks?? Collect some dirt in a bag poked with minuscule holes for hair, fill it with dirt, and collect away! Or, if the weather is nice and you don’t have a dollar to your name, start digging in the dirt (especially under rocks or in the shade) and you are sure to find something crawling around!

Also, finding the perfect spot for fishing is very important. Make sure the environment is shaded, very calm and quiet and that the water is clear and not mossy. You are more likely to catch fish this way. When you catch your fish, Please make sure to treat the fish kindly and in a humane manner: remove the hook, grab it by the lip and GENTLY place the fish into the water, release, and watch in satisfaction as it wriggles off into the water. When catching fish for sport especially, respect the fish and realize you are scaring them and invading THEIR home when you catch them so make sure that they get the safe and harmless return to the water that they deserve. Be respectful, simple as that. Without the fish, fishing would be impossible. Grab a friend, some poles and bait, and get fishing!!


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