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Getting Ready for Spring!!!

By Shasta Curtis

Summer, winter, and fall may be great seasons in-all, but nothing compares to spring! In the spring months, there is a change in the weather, from cold and gloomy, to the bright warmness of the sun, and the beautiful flowers that start to appear just really set a high spirit. A sense of cheer starts to come upon faces everywhere, just waiting for the warm weather to appear.

A thing that usually keeps everyone’s joy up is the usual sights of animals starting to reappear. ¬†Animals start to have babies. There is a certainty that the small, cute, fragile animals can being a warm smile to anyone’s face, or to brighten anyone’s day. Hearing the birds chirping in the bright morning, and singing their beautiful tunes is really a way to start a day.

Something that everyone could be excited about is daylight saving’s: that allows for an hour of extra sunlight, to have the ability to spend longer days in the sun to have as much time in the outdoors as anyone could possibly have, especially when there is such a positive atmosphere during the spring season. There is something about the bright sunny days and the availability to just go outside or to just sit outside to read a book that brings a joy to any day.

A good way to spend the spring months is getting together with friends and family to make the most of it. Spending precious time together is a much needed requirement in anyone’s life. Taking trips is something that can be enjoyable for anyone. ¬†So be sure to have fun, tan, make memories, and enjoy that extra hour of daylight!

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