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Little things CAN make a big change

By Bridgette Montgomery

You need to watch what you say around certain people, joking or not, people get offended personally by what you say. They may take a joke the wrong way and believe to themselves that you actually meant it. This is where I start to think about the saying, “little things can make a big difference.” A lot of people have soft spots in their hearts; secretly or openly, it is true that people can get hurt by things said by others. If you or someone bullies a person, they may or may not show the pain to your face but when they go home, they are never happy about the little insults that were given to them. They obviously are going to be depressed and sad about all the names and things they got called. Sometimes a little name calling and teasing at school can lead to major problems. It can cause the victim to turn mean or distant to everyone; some people turn into outcasts from others. Sometimes people are suicidal after hearing all of the disappointing and rude things said to them. Now if you do a reverse role and instead of getting teased at school, say the people get emotionally abused at home by their family member(s), they turn out to be more aggressive and rude to others a their school,  and they turn into the bullies.

Not only does bullying have an effect on this topic, but so does the little mistakes people make in their lives. No matter how little of a mistake you make, sometimes the result may seem big at the moment of the situation and problem. Let’s say there is a little kid who broke their parents’ favorite vase. Then the parent punishes the child by grounding and yelling at the child. In the moment of the parents anger, they blow a little mistake a child made out of proportion. During the time the parents are punishing the child, the child feels unloved which causes a big problem. But after all of the arguing and punishment everything is okay with them again. That could also be represented as an example to prove that little things that some people do can be blown out of proportion and made a bigger issue, when in reality it doesn’t seem that bad later on after the situation.

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