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Picture holders

By Jennifer Tellez

There are people who are such picture holders. Pictures are meant to capture moments that you don’t want to forget. People take pictures of literally everything: conversations, pictures of them with their significant other, at a concert, a place they’ve never been to, selfies…the list goes on forever.

Anyways, taking a couple pictures of a special moment is understandable but taking pictures of the whole event is not. Taking lots of pictures of you and your significant other is understandable because you love them and want to be able to look back at how young you both were. Holding pictures for a long time is also kind of upsetting. Anything can happen, and you could lose those pictures. I think it’s better to look back and remember those memories and be able to feel that joy. Once you lose those pictures, you’re going to feel like you lost something when in reality you have your memories still. Once those pictures are gone, you’ll never remember the special memories the same way.

Looking at this the more scientific way, if someone has Alzheimer’s and/or experiences a trauma that affects the part of the brain that affects the memory, pictures are only to going to upset the person and their relatives.

 Your own memory is capable of remembering more than capturing a picture. You get that feeling on the inside of everything that went on that day. That feeling of happiness, or sadness. When you see something and it reminds you of a moment you had in the past, that’s a great feeling because you didn’t need a picture to tell you how you felt or anything. 

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