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Positive News with a Positive Effect

By Shasta Curtis

Every time someone turns on the T.V., there is always something negative on the news.  But why? Recent studies have showed that the brain is more observant of negative content rather than uplifting positive news.

McGill University in Canada, set up an experiment studying the way the brain reacts to certain news articles. “The results of the experiment, as well as the stories that were read most, were somewhat depressing. Participants often chose stories with a negative tone – corruption, set-backs, hypocrisy and so on – rather than neutral or positive stories. People who were more interested in current affairs and politics were particularly likely to choose the bad news.” said by  Trussler and Soroka, the ones who were performing the experiment.

“According to research done in conjunction with The Huffington Post, watching just three minutes of negative news in the morning makes viewers 27 percent more likely to report having a bad day six to eight hours later. Those who watched transformative stories, on the other hand, reported having a good day 88 percent of the time…”

With so much negativity why can’t we just focus on all the blessing we really have in our life?  There  is so much that there is to be grateful for, but we only see what makes us all upset. There needs to be more good in this world instead of evil, more sacrificing than taking. A life to be remembered as someone bringing joy to this dark world than being remembered as someone who helped to share the dark. More positive news shared helps to create a happy soul and add a little bounce to anyone’s step.


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